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About Front Row, Sofa

Front Row, Sofa is the brainchild of Ken Pierce.  It originally started as a (mostly) weekly column on, but I've decided to now expand it to be an entire site.

The site will focus around entertainment.  Mostly home entertainment (DVDs, Blu-rays, Television shows, video games, downloadable content, etc.), but I will also occasionally leave the confines of my home to brave movie theatres for notable releases.

About Ken Pierce

Ken Pierce was born in Sioux Lookout, Ontario during the month of August, 1971.  He has been a fan of film since seeing E.T. on the big screen 7 times, a fan of video games since his parents bought an Atari 2600 VCS (with Combat and Asteriods!) at some point in 1978 or 79, a fan of DVD since buying his first player in 1998 (a Toshiba 3107 for those who must know), a fan of computers since the family got a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (followed by a Coleco ADAM and a Commodore Amiga - we sure could pick 'em) and a fan of fun since 1971.

Ken has two wonderful children (Ashley and Sam), and a wonderful wife (Jennifer) who supposedly put up with his constant ramblings about whatever is new and interesting.  He also has a day job, and between the family and the day job, any delays in updated content for this site can likely be blamed on one of the two.

To contact Ken, email piercek at