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Sequel Delivers 'Paranormal' Results

Paranormal Activity 2, the follow-up to last year's micro-budgeted yet mega-grossing Paranormal Activity ($108 million in grosses against a reported $15,000 budget), had a huge opening weekend that catapulted it into profitability within hours of opening.  With a budget of approximately $3 million, the film was significantly more expensive than its predecessor.  The extra investment paid off, with an opening weekend worth $41.5 million.  Strong audience word-of-mouth will likely carry the film over the coming weeks, even in the face of strong competition from Saw 3D.

Jackass 3D plummeted 57% in its second weekend of release, bringing in $21.6 million.  Don't feel too bad for Johnny Knoxville and his pals, though, this second weekend tally is on par with the opening weekends of the first two films in the series.  With $87 million after only two weeks in theaters, Jackass 3D has already out-grossed its predecessors, and could well end up with a total tally greater than the combined grosses of the first two films.

Red fell a soft 31% in its second weekend to $15 million, good enough for third place.  After two weeks in release, its grosses stand at $43.5 million.  Thanks to the diverse cast, the film is also likely to have strong international appeal when it opens there over the coming months.

Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort, Hereafter, expanded to over two thousand screens after a limited release last weekend and bumped its standing to fourth place in the process.  The Matt Damon-starring film about a tortured psychic added $12 million to its to total for $12.3 million so far.  Distributor Warner Bros. is looking for strong word of mouth to carry the film as we head into the early part of the awards season.

Finally, The Social Network continued to perform well, dropping 29% and adding another $7.3 million to its totals.  Its fifth place finish brings its total tally to $73 million after four weeks in release.

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