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'Tron' Shines, 'Yogi' Bear-ish

Tron: Legacy, the long-gestating sequel to Tron, opened with a strong $43.6 million debut.  That's nearly 10 times what the original film opened with 28 years ago, where it ultimately grossed $33 million (in 1982 dollars, of course).  Of course, Tron: Legacy's production budget is significantly larger than what the original film's was, as well.  The new film cost $170 million versus the original's $17 million budget (again, in 1982 dollars, of course).  All things being equal, with the holiday season, international grosses and home video and ancillary revenues, Tron: Legacy should have no issue turning a profit.

Yogi Bear opened in second place with a soft $16.7 million debut.  Awful reviews, terrible

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'Dawn Treader' Treads Water Over Slow Weekend

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader opened with a weak $24.5 million at the box office.  This was enough to top a weak weekend, but compared very poorly with other films in the Chronicles of Narnia series.  The third film in the series, Dawn Treader is budgeted at $155 million.  The series was picked up by 20th Century Fox after original distributor Disney dropped the franchise following an underwhelming $141.6 million domestic gross for the second film in the series (Prince Caspian) measured against a $225 million production budget.  Worldwide grosses and home video helped Prince Caspian into the black, and it looks like that will be the case with Dawn Treader, as well.  The film grossed $88 million overseas, easily outpacing what it grossed domestically over its opening weekend.

The Tourist, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, also opened weakly in second place, with $17 million in grosses measured against a $100 million budget.  The marketing

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