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Welcome to the new Front Row, Sofa

Hello everyone, welcome to Front Row, Sofa.  Like the old entries at the website, this site will capture my thoughts and feelings around various items in the entertainment industry.  It'll be focused primarily on home-based entertainment, but there will also be reviews of the occasional theatrical release.

If this goes well enough, my expectation is to start producing a Front Row, Sofa podcast with a few friends, and perhaps have a few other contributors here as well.  Thanks for stopping by, and please check back regularly for new content.

For those of you who are interested in jumping in the wayback machine, I've also included copies of classic Front Row, Sofa columns in the "Classic FRS" section.  Some of the formatting went a little wonky, and a lot of pictures seem to have disappeared over the years (likely because Jay has done some updates on the dvdfuture site), but the content, while dated, can be an interesting read.

-- Ken